Drawing fonts

Drawing font is a font designed to perform inscriptions on drawings and technical documentation in accordance with GOST 2.304-81.

According to GOST, drawing fonts can be used in two outlines: direct and inclined. The slant of the font is provided for about 75 degrees to the horizontal line. Also provides for a different thickness typeface type A and type B is due to the fact that the GOST is pretty old, and provided only manual design with a pencil. A pencil could be used both hard (hence type A) and soft (hence type B).

GOST 2.304 is a modern digital version of the drawing font corresponding to GOST 2.304-81, distributed freely and allowed for personal and commercial use.

Two beautiful free fonts by Nikita Volchenkov, distributed under the SIL OFL 1.1 license, which can be used for personal and commercial activities.

Also on our site is the GOST Type A font from Ascon. This font may not be used for commercial purposes, please contact Ascon.