Lettering - the origin of this concept goes back to the Latin word litera (letter), and hence the process of their writing itself was called lettering. This art is often used in the artistic design of something when you want to make something special, not similar to anything else. Lettering is derived from calligraphy, and can be used to visually represent some of the most beautiful languages in the world.

Not everything written in letters is a typeface, often people confuse the notion of lettering and typeface. Lettering is a handwritten typographic composition, a unique few letters (or word combination) depicted in a certain way for a specific situation. Lettering is the drawing of words.

Today letttering is becoming more and more popular allowing beginner graphic designers to express themselves and show their individuality, give free rein to imagination and fantasy. Here the designer acts as an artist, creating a unique creation in accordance with the style of the project. Now it has become fashionable to abandon the logo in favor of lettering, that is, writing the name of the company itself becomes the corporate identity.

At the core of lettering are two components - theoretical and technical, ie beginners need to get acquainted with fonts and learn the technique of writing letters (primarily by hand), and then proceed to the study Fontlab, although you can, of course, do and Illustrator or corel draw. If you want to achieve heights in this art, don't neglect the theoretical basis, read about calligraphy, learn the basic principles of letterforms, get an idea of the types of contrasts and hand movements characteristic of those types. It is very important to imagine the principles of pen movement, the trajectory of movement, and the distribution of contrast.

As you draw, you may notice that the text has to be corrected repeatedly, experimenting with the thickness of the letters, the slant, adding and removing new lines. You will see that the inscription begins to live its own life, itself requiring additions, do not limit your imagination, let your hand freely represent what you want. What you do is only your imagination and nothing more, there are no limits and restrictions.

You can draw letters not only on paper or in a graphic program on the computer, the boldest designers use any surface and materials for lettering, allowing the letters to become a self-sufficient phenomenon that does not need additives. Lettering any phrase on Styrofoam, wood, any other surface, cut it out and hang it on the wall, so you can decorate your interior in the most unexpected way, invariably astonishing your guests with your creation. For the letters you can use different decorative cords and strings, using them to create words. Try and invent, there is no limit to perfection!